Monday, July 5, 2010

Warrior from Heaven by Kermit Zarley

Warrior from Heaven by Kermit Zarley. Synergy Books. June 2009. ISBN #: 9780981546223

How accurate and reliable are end-time Biblical studies and what sources are used to discuss this topic from a scholarly point of view? Kermit Zarley offers readers an unfolding scenario of events that he claims are futuristic in nature, while relying on past Scripture. It's an interesting theory because many scholars claim that these same Scriptures have been fulfilled in the past and therefore are closed matters. But not so fast; Zarley states that these passages will only be fulfilled at the end of times.

Evil is rife throughout the land! A messiah-like creature rises up in what is now central Turkey, draws all nations under his powerful rule and conquers the majority of the Middle East. One last task remains and he convinces the other nations to unite in the ultimate final solution not finished in the Holocaust and other earlier massacres, to destroy every living Jewish man or woman.

While the path to this goal is progressing, the reader is offered a timeline, description and present behavior of Jews observing their festivals, rituals and sacred days based on ample Scriptures provided in side bars within this text. Repentance is the key to who shall be saved, a complete reversal of sinful behavior and without lukewarm attitudes. The shock to the remnant who will be saved is that Jesus Christ is the Messiah they have been awaiting for centuries, and the mourning over their past rejection is quite intense. This story is rife with lamentations for Jews and Christians alike who never embraced their faith with every fiber of life; now is the time for judgment. Who shall last and survive when the wheat is separated from the chaff?

Earthquakes, mystical signs in the heavens that may be interpreted as miraculous events or natural cosmological events corresponding with scientific evolution of the Earth add to the terror of all, a grand, dramatic end that offers no shelter or escape throughout the world.

Who is the warrior and how will the final battle occur? Is the end goal the creation of a new world or is this all a prelude to the end of earth as mankind knows it? You decide? Warrior from Heaven is definitely a fascinating look at this widely debated, discussed, and anticipated (with mixed feelings for sure) topic.

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