Monday, July 5, 2010

Microman USA by Robert Stern

Microman USA by Robert Stern. Illustrations by Mark Hill. Robert Stern Publication. September 2009. 132 pp. ISBN #: 9780980198850

"Lunch feeds the soul. Lunch is Liberty. Lunch is freedom. Lunch is a meal you can believe in. Lunch is hope." Lunch is the metaphor set forth by Robert Stern to represent the politically right perspective. This is the vision of Microman USA who fears and objects to what he sees as a left-wing conspiracy to socialize government.

Americans have a basic right to earn their money and enjoy the fruits of that work in a choice of a healthy, self-sustaining "lunch," according to"Joe the Plumber" or Robert Stern, fighting back with humor in the form of a new "right" hero, Microman USA. He verbally spars with the character "Misery," a gloomy, hopeless guy whom Microman is trying to inspire to fight, to react, to hope and to dream.

These humorous but satirical cartoons don't miss much in the form of policy implemented in the recent past or being planned for the future, whether it concerns education, health care, finance, the right to bear arms, foreign affairs, war, peace and more. Quotations from notable politicians of the right and left are intermixed with Stern's obvious partisan point of view.

Whatever your political bent, Microman USA is a mildly amusing collection sure to provoke conversation, debate and a few chuckles along the way!

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