Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber. MIRA Books. October 2009. ISBN #: 9780778326823

Cassie Beaumont receives a Christmas card that at first devastates her and then becomes her inspiration! The card is a photo of a friend with a perfect husband and perfect child, a happy marital celebration of good luck and blessings. Cassie at thirty-three years of age knows her biological clock is ticking very close to the time when such perfection is totally beyond her reach. Anticipating sending a holiday card to her friends which again reveals her unmarried, lonely status is totally unsatisfactory, so Cassie does something totally outrageous and unthinkable to most women! She visits a professional matchmaker who for $30,000 guarantees her that perfect spouse and hopefully a future with a perfect child she envisions constantly. Only Simon Dodson, a psychologist who is supposedly very, very good at his job, is one of the most difficult men she has ever met. He's terse, snide and almost dictatorial in his comments. It's almost as if he has no heart!

Cassie and Simon duke it out with questions and almost no answers on his part in order for her to attain her now possibly attainable goal. He sets her three tasks which she must complete before Christmas. Those jobs or challenges present a wild blend of hilarity, chaos and heart-stirring tender moments that are sure to delight any thinking and feeling reader.

While this is going on, her best friend seems to have struck up a secret relationship which she won't divulge to Cassie until the time is right. As Christmas Day is rapidly approaching, Cassie has a stunning realization which changes everything and yet initially changes nothing.

Debbie Macomber writes truly breathtaking, interesting and heart-warming stories that are sheer delight to relish. A Perfect Christmas will not disappoint her fans and will certainly add more to the list who love this author who knows how to pen a true celebration of real, romantic love!


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