Sunday, July 4, 2010

Montana Creeds: Tyler by Linda Lael Miller

Montana Creeds: Tyler by Linda Lael Miller. HQN Books. March 2009. ISBN #: 9780373773640

The youngest of the Montana Creeds, Tyler has the least reason to come back to Stillwater Springs. Then why does he immediately upon approaching his old home trade his SUV Cadillac for a rusty, beat-up, ten-year-old Chevy truck for no fee whatsoever? The lucky recipient doubts Tyler's sanity but after checking ID papers quickly agrees and invites Tyler for dinner; but Tyler's in a rush to get home. There's plenty of hesitation but he figures he'll take it all in as it happens; one thing for sure he knows is he wants nothing to do with Logan and Dylan Creed!

Almost faster than the reader can adjust, Tyler meets an old flame, Lily Ryder Kenyon, who now has a gorgeous little girl, a youngster who blurts out the most shocking statement to Tyler and any other stranger she meets. But that's hardly the largest shock Tyler is about to get from his past.

The spirit of Montana cries out to Montana as one of a very special group who lived for this special land, sons by proud Creed blood and not the poisonous rats he really believes he and his brothers are. That moving moment of realization serves well as Tyler and Lily gradually begin to meet and search out the possibility of a meaningful connection, while there's certainly more hot romping between them that's far more present and explicit than in the previous two books in this series!

Once again, plenty of action pounds through these pages with a berserk driver, an actual and attempted murder, some furious and fast attempts at bribery, a packet of mysterious letters and much more that shows how well Linda Lael Miller knows how to craft a Western, romance!

Yes, the reader knows where the ending is going but definitely not how Tyler, Logan and Dylan will deal with each other after their very violent past and untrusting future! It's worth quite the hours of sleep you'll miss as you plow through the last of the Montana Creeds series, one that hopefully will have some kind of future evolution in time to come!

Splendid, Linda Lael Miller!

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