Sunday, July 4, 2010

Te Bridegroom: A Stone Creek Novel - Book 5 by Linda Lael Miller

The Bridegroom: A Stone Creed Novel - Book 5 by Linda Lael Miller. HQN Books. July 2009. ISBN #: 9780373773886

Gideon Yarbro has returned to Stone Creek to respond to a letter he knows he would receive only if the sender is urgently in need of his help. On appearing, however, it seems that Lydia Fairmont is stating she made a mistake. Only after considerable pushing does Gideon realize she is about to marry Jacob Fitch, a man she abhors, to save her aunts from being foreclosed and ousted into a world they are sorely unprepared to enter. So what does Gideon do? Why, kidnap and marry her, of course. Isn't that what any friend would do in such a situation?

Time passes with a tension-ridden air between Gideon and Lydia. For Lydia is falling in love with Gideon but Gideon has sworn to never let himself get involved in love again. In addition, he has returned to Phoenix, Arizona in this year of 1915 to help out the miners in the area who are planning to strike over worsening financial conditions. Although we might consider Gideon and his family to be ultra-rich with their ownings, the miners and their families often go to bed without dinner. There aren't any federal laws protecting their rights and Gideon's job is to prevent what seems to be looming disaster from happening.

Little does he know that more trouble is brewing from Lydia's jilted fiance and from Lydia herself, who is not the meek and mild "lady" who's polite behavior belies the tigress beginning to emerge. As Gideon begins to answer that need, he discovers a most unexpected passion more than occasionally demanding release.

The Bridegroom, the fifth Stone Creek Novel in a well-loved series, is a vibrant, action-packed, lusty and exciting novel that is a great read for the summer - for any time of the year in fact! Linda Lael Miller knows how to craft a multilevel plot and fill it with engaging characters who hold one's interest even when one knows the outcome will be better than fine!

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