Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red Kiss: A Gods of Midnight Novel by Deidre Knight

Red Kiss: A Gods of Midnight Novel by Deirdre Knight. Signet Books. June 2009. 284 pp. ISBN #: 9780451226617

River Kassandros, a slave in Spartan times, serves his masters out of love and integrity. Because he does so with a noble attitude, he is considered to be one of the seven bravest warriors who will sadly lose the famous Battle of Thermopylae against the infamously powerful Persians. Approaching the River Styx, the seven warriors are offered an opportunity for immortality, but there are consequences whose terror and power is unforeseen by all who unwittingly take the vow to serve Ares, the God of War.

Unknown by the one who grants this immortality and unknown by the Djinn who seek to destroy the warriors, and indeed all who possess similar personalities, these Greek bonded brothers possess magical powers that are enhanced when the long-lost Oracle makes them aware of their "real" power. But before any of this can happen, many internal and external battles must be fought, i.e. water demons, silver shadows, and so much more.

River Kassandros first meets Emily, a woman who has magical powers to hear nearby spirits. She is able to free River from his "blade" appearance but must find a way to deal with his super-energetic bouts that erupt as either severe violence or ravaging lust beyond what any human being can endure.

The other warriors meet with humans and spirit-like forms and each has his or her immortal foibles to conquer before they are finally reunited and able to complete their real mission, to destroy the one to whom they have promised servitude in order to keep their immortal status.

Red Kiss is a lusty, adventurous, frightening but exciting story that will thrill every reader fascinated by Greek mythology, the paranormal and contemporary, romping and riveting stories about robust sex.

Interesting contemporary treatment of classic Greek mythology!

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