Saturday, July 24, 2010

Return to Eden by Anthony Raimondo, Ph.D., CH

Return to Eden by Anthony Raimondo, Ph. D., CH. Dog Ear Publishing. 2009. pb. 156 pp. ISBN #: 9781608441136.

Dr. Anthony Raimondo has an unusual point of view on living a whole and complete life. After teaching students for many years, he began to realize that the narrative story of one’s life could lead to a theme of direction for the best career and most satisfying existence that is not only possible but also intended by the source of all being, God, or whatever name one credits with the author of life.

This theme evolves after beginning to practice meditations, visualizations, imagining scenarios, affirmations centered on Divine Design, exercises for allowing the when and where and how of one’s plan to emerge as well as how to deal with obstacles that evolve, prayer, and plotting the plan one desires, all of which are creatively and realistically presented by the author. Many examples are given to guide the reader slowly to achieve one’s Return to Eden.

For Dr. Raimondo believes and reminds the reader that the Fall from Eden was not the end of the story but only the beginning. Men and women were promised, through the words given in multiple sacred and secular texts, a return to the original design meant for humanity. It is ours to claim, and Return to Eden is a plan to initiate what all are intended to become and cherish in the full realization of life’s purpose. This is a lovely, inspirational text sure to become very special to those who not only read but practice its outlined program! Oneness is the promise for all!

Too Rich and Too Thin: Not an Autobiography by Barbara DeShong

Too Rich and Too Thin: Not an Autobiography by Barbara DeShong. September 2009. Echelon Press. Pb. 372 pp. ISBN #: 9781590806418.

Dr. Jessica LaFave is a psychotherapist who normally does a great job of helping the people by profiling killers being sought by the law. But lately, the hard-core cops think she’s gone too far and are beginning to doubt her abilities. Her psychotherapist husband was found dead and it was tossed off by the police as a drunken accident, with the added humiliation to Jessica of some items found in his possession that hint of unfaithfulness. But Jessica doesn’t doubt her late husband at all and instead believes he knew something from one of his clients that was too dangerous to know and so brought on his own innocent demise.

Now Jessica is asked to help with profiling the killer of Bernice Jackson, an author who turns “sacred” Texas history into racy novels and movies that border on porn. It turns out that Bernice was once a patient of her late husband right around the time of his death. So Jessica now begins probing into Bernice’s world, the world of a drugged son frequently humiliated by his father, a daughter who might be called an air-head were it not for her over-eating binges designed to remove her from her dysfunctional family, Jessica’s lawyer friend who sticks by her while always threatening to remove himself from her crazed ideas and plots, and more.

The tone is always light and bizarre. The characters are multiple and their conversation frequently meandering into what seems like nowhere but actually makes the reader pay attention to catch the riddle-like sparks of gold that will lead to the eventual capture of the real killer of Bernice Jackson and David LaFave! Definitely a different, novel approach to mysteries!

The Wolf of Tebron: A Fairy Tale by C. S. Lakin

The Wolf of Tebron: A Fairy Tale. The Gates of Heaven Series by C. S. Lakin. AMG Publishers/Living Ink Books. July 2010. pb. 288 pp. Youth Fantasy Fiction. ISBN #: 9780899578880.

Joran the Blacksmith is tortured by his own anger, an emotion that digs deep into his soul, his dreams, and his daytime work. Everyone in his small town suspects that something is deeply awry but says nothing. Finally, Joran takes a leave of absence to find Charris, whom he initially sent away with unflagging righteous dismissal. But now he has heard that Charris never arrived back in her family’s town. She seems to have disappeared!

So begins an amazing journey rivaling the best of C. S. Lewis’s tales for adventure and wisdom presented in an exciting and intelligent manner. Joran will indeed meet a wizard, a very special wolf – Ruyah, a cast of characters related to the Sun and Moon, and the South Wind, among others who will lead Joran to realize that nothing is really quite as it seems.

For Joran must learn the power of balance, that which keeps reason and emotions, dreams and nightmares in check. Surprisingly, this humbled blacksmith begins to realize he can be the creator of his own dreams, depending on how he treats them.

C. S. Lakin has a vivid imagination, and there are so many special moments in this “fairy tale” that will please all ages and leave you with many things to seriously and pleasantly ponder. There are many fantasy and fairy tale stories that tell a typical and predictable story – this is NOT one of those but instead a true fairy tale that is bound to become a classic! I loved this novel, and I rarely say this about many books I review!!!