Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brotherhood in Death by J. D. Robb

Brotherhood In Death.  J. D. Robb. Penguin Group (USA). February 2016. 400 pp.  ISBN#: 9780399170898.

Dennis Mira and his cousin, the former Senator Edward Mira, don’t have much in common and disagree in just about everything.  Now Dennis is on his way to his late grandfather’s house as he accidentally discovered that his cousin is having a realtor see the house to sell it.  Their grandfather expressly wanted the house to stay in the family; it’s a lovely, carefully decorated home that welcomes all who enter.  When Dennis enters the home, he hears voices and entering the room he sees Edward sitting in a chair with a bloody face. That’s all Dennis remembers as he’s knocked out from the back of his head before he can say one word!

On awakening, Dennis immediately calls the police as Edward is gone and spots of blood are all that remains of the missing Edward.  Now begins a spine-tingling plot as Dennis’s wife, Charlotte Mira, a criminal profiler, and Lieutenant Eve Dallas begin the NYPSD investigation.  Dallas does the majority of the footwork and brainwork about the Mira family and Edward’s female relationships which are highly suspicious, to say the least.

As a former lawyer, Judge and Senator, Edward certainly had plenty of enemies. But Eve is puzzled when Edward turns up no longer missing but very, very dead in a most gruesome manner and indicative of some sexual fury being part of the killing.  Enough said and so far no spoilers!

Eve and her loving partner aren’t married yet but they clearly are deeply in love.  Some of their past history might get in the way of this investigation but one has the feeling that they will work that out together, like they do everything.  In some ways it makes more of a challenge, but in others it helps them figure out the identity of who they will wind up pursuing to bring justice to this case.  No you can’t predict what will happen but will be pleased by the riveting twists and turns as the case progresses.  Oh, and add plenty of dialogue that’s truly comical, with an extra dash of sexy romance!

Brotherhood in Death is a lively, funny, scintillating and brainy mystery or crime thriller that is sure to be a best seller!  Nicely plotted with a bevy of dynamic characters! Enjoy, all!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Doll's House: A Detective Helen Grace Thriller by J. Arlidge

The Doll’s House: A Detective Helen Grace Thriller.  M. J. Arlidge. Penguin Group (USA).  February 2016. 432 pp.  ISBN#: 9780451475510.

Helen Grace is well-known to mystery and crime novel fans as the author of Pop Goes the Weasel” and now returns in her third thriller story.  Her Southampton job is to find a psychopathic, serial killer who buries his victims on a nearby beach. 

Now Ruth Sprackler had spent the night drinking and never imagined why her captor would kidnap her and hide her in his basement.  She awakens, not knowing where she is or why she is there. The creepiness and pathologically sickening behavior of Ruth’s captor is so intense it elicits intense fear and horror at what is unfolding.  For those who love the thrill of stories such as this one, you will be more than satisfied and frightened.  Ruth believes she will be successful in finding this killer before he kills again, never imagining another victim is coming close to the end of her life.

Before the killer claims his victims in death, he sends cruel texts to family members of his victims.  The torturous nature of this act is almost beyond imagination but is clearly an edge that makes the killer feel powerful beyond words which he expresses as amusement.  Hallmarks of his identity appear and little by little Helen and her team will figure out the sick motivation behind this killer’s devastating acts.

While Ruth is attempting to solve this mystery before more victims are claimed, she has a problem at work.  A change in personnel leaves Detective Ceri Harwood in charge and pulling rank.  Her jealousy is revealed in the way she tries to block Ruth from pursuing this killer even to the point of bribery.

The Doll’s House… is the real deal in thriller fiction and sure to enthrall all lovers of the genre.  Stay tuned for more truly frightening, spine-tingling and adrenalin-pumping thrillers from this highly skilled author, M. J. Arlidge!