Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Wolf of Tebron: A Fairy Tale by C. S. Lakin

The Wolf of Tebron: A Fairy Tale. The Gates of Heaven Series by C. S. Lakin. AMG Publishers/Living Ink Books. July 2010. pb. 288 pp. Youth Fantasy Fiction. ISBN #: 9780899578880.

Joran the Blacksmith is tortured by his own anger, an emotion that digs deep into his soul, his dreams, and his daytime work. Everyone in his small town suspects that something is deeply awry but says nothing. Finally, Joran takes a leave of absence to find Charris, whom he initially sent away with unflagging righteous dismissal. But now he has heard that Charris never arrived back in her family’s town. She seems to have disappeared!

So begins an amazing journey rivaling the best of C. S. Lewis’s tales for adventure and wisdom presented in an exciting and intelligent manner. Joran will indeed meet a wizard, a very special wolf – Ruyah, a cast of characters related to the Sun and Moon, and the South Wind, among others who will lead Joran to realize that nothing is really quite as it seems.

For Joran must learn the power of balance, that which keeps reason and emotions, dreams and nightmares in check. Surprisingly, this humbled blacksmith begins to realize he can be the creator of his own dreams, depending on how he treats them.

C. S. Lakin has a vivid imagination, and there are so many special moments in this “fairy tale” that will please all ages and leave you with many things to seriously and pleasantly ponder. There are many fantasy and fairy tale stories that tell a typical and predictable story – this is NOT one of those but instead a true fairy tale that is bound to become a classic! I loved this novel, and I rarely say this about many books I review!!!

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