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The Breath of Allah in 2020 A.D.: The Year of Perfect Vision by Tempest O'Rourke

The Breath of Allah in 2020 A.D.: The Year of Perfect Vision by Tempest O'Rourke. Synergy Books. September 2009. ISBN #: 9780982314036

Both East and West are weary of terrorism and capable of either clear-cut fundamentalistic support or rational rejection of the multiple reasons surrounding the present state of hatred leading only to self-destruction. This theme is repeated all too often within this novel in which a climax of the above status is looming!

An ancient text, The Breath of Allah, one of the original twelve texts of the Koran, has been found. Put in the right hands, it will transform history by restoring Islam to the peace, compassion and harmony intended by Mohammed, the prophet who founded Islam. Put in the wrong hands to be buried forever, this text's absence will allow "The Sword of Allah," a militant response set to shock the world, to progress into a world where all the oil resources and religious and political power will lie in the hands of a few fundamentalistic despots. This scenario is riddled with tension, the reader gripped in the events speeding toward a decisive outcome!

Within the tautly plotted story of this race to doomsday or Utopian reality lies quite a bit of historical, sociological, political and philosophical teaching and reflections meant to educate the reader about the days that have brought us to this critical juncture. An American President in 2020 has had the foresight to come up with a brilliant plan to reduce the Western addiction to Mideastern oil usage. Human weakness prevails as Islamic major and minor leaders are constantly vying for power, their attempts almost silly in their lack of reflection about other powers that are way ahead of them with better plans and strategies for ascension.

The finding of The Breath of Allah speeds up the The Sword of Allah plans. Which will prevail leads us to rapidly turn the pages where pivotal decisions and actions appear in just the right places. Death strikes many who are not aware of how many leaders and groups will do anything to prevent the announcement and revelation of the precise words of this sacred text.

The Breath of Allah is stirring, provocative reading for its finely plotted, slightly repetitive (but necessarily so for those who just don't get it), and timely message that just might become a reality.

A best-seller that will call forth diverse responses from the West and East!

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