Sunday, July 4, 2010

Montana Creeds: Dylan by Linda Lael Miller

Montana Creeds: Dylan by Linda Lael Miller. HQN Books. March 2009. ISBN #: 9780373773589

Dylan Creed became well-known as "rodeo's bad boy" and Logan's nasty brother in Book 1 of the Montana Creeds series, but readers will come to love this man who's shocked into some serious change, without losing any of his spunk. Unsure of where to wander next, Dylan is challenged by his two year-old daughter, Bonnie, who's been abandoned by her shiftless, money-grubbing mother. She's a cutie who can make your heart weep one minute and then roar with laughter the next.

Dylan's old flame, Kristy Madison, is just starting to settle down in Logan and Dylan's hometown. An attractive, busy lady, she works as the town librarian and cares for her two boys who are mischievous and constantly ragging on each other. It doesn't take long for Kristy to realize how much she really cares for Dylan but she's just not sure if she can trust him to be a steady presence around her boys.

Sounds tame enough so far, right? Wrong! Murder on the land of Kristy's childhood, a female intruder who likes to knock out walls and intrude into Kristy's home, a sniper aiming to kill - deliberately or accidentally, a lot of very hot-tempered people who are just angling to make trouble for Dylan and Kristy, this and so much more will keep you spinning those pages and never figure out just how destiny will rearrange it all.

The author's obvious love for horses and dogs again shines through in this novel, without repeating much of anything from the last - not an easy task at all.

Will Dylan stay put or hurt Kristy again? Should Kristy even go after him, hoping to hold him to ground for good? What guy and gal are in town to test just how strong Dylan are Kristy are with each other? Money's a problem for her but certainly not for him as Dylan turns out to be much smarter financially than anyone could imagine and the reader will be amazed at just how he arrived in that very comfortable state.

Aunt Cassie, Logan, Briana and the Sheriff are all back in this second book of the Montana Creeds series, spicing up the stories within stories, and extending the novel to as much of a mystery as it is a spicy, thrilling and lusty tale of another brother seeking a different life than what he'd previously known. Dylan's quite a guy you'll love and Linda Lael Miller is quite a storyteller!

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