Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot Flash by Kathy Carmichael

Hot Flash by Kathy Carmichael. Medallion Press. February 2009. ISBN #: 9781934755037

Jill Morgan Storm has hit 40 years old with a bang! Evaluating her life, she realizes that she's divorced, has a satisfactory job with a drunk Master Chef over her and whose job she's been covering for almost four years, a son who barely speaks to her, a need to find tuition money for that son's college years and no love life at all in the offing. So what exactly does Jill do to solve these motley seemingly insolvable dilemmas? With the assistance of her cherished friends, she comes up with a survey which she sends to actual couples who have advertised their marriage success. What's the key that makes it all click? Hilarious, hearty and shocking responses follow, printed at the beginning of each chapter, foreshadowing perhaps what is to come!

The search is on for sure! Jill's got one category of potential spouses in mind but what a motley crew she's about to meet. You'll meet Tony a.k.a. Easel Boy, a lovely gent who sports chiffon and glitter undies, a guy who freaks when Jill says she's not interested in having more children and finally you'll meet Davin Wesley who seems the least likely candidate in Jill's collection of potential suitors.

Jill's friends are as feisty as she is, with a propensity to fall back on loser ex-lovers and drink away their sorrows while conniving to help Jill meet the perfect man. Then of course, there's Jill's Mom, whose illusions or delusions, include matchmaking for Jill and throwing parties for her own marriage, minus the incarcerated Dad doing a stretch of time for an Enron-style scandal.

Hot Flash is funny and endearing, a light, warm read to lose one's self in during the cold fall and winter seasons! It's a romance waiting to happen that will amuse and delight many, many gals and guys who've "been there, done that!"

Very nice, Ms. Carmichael!

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