Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miracle of Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus by Jeanne McNaney

Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus by Jeanne McNaney. Illustrated by David Cochard. Ovation Books. October 2009. 32 pp. ISBN #: 9780981453460

A large cage of chimpanzees is traveling to where the chimps will be sold and separated after having been captured by the evil Mr. Hunter whose only interest is to increase the number of animals he catches and thus the amount of money he can earn through sales of his captives!

But someone is watching, the heavenly angel Gabriella, who is about to provide an answer to those chimps caught as well as those in danger in the future.

And nearby lived a little orangutan named Gus, a trusting child full of energy and the desire to experience everything!

He sees what he believes is a strange-looking, blond-haired monkey who reveals her name as Maya. They quickly become friends and Gus follows Maya home into an adventure that is far from the excitement he was expecting but which calls out his most adventurous spirit.

Threatened by humans! Helped by an angel! But in addition to a scary situation, all of these characters are about to learn something much more important about how each supports an entire ecological world.

Very nicely done, Ms. McNaney! Enchanting story with bright, engaging illustrations!

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