Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dragon's Lair by Denise Lynn

Dragon's Lair by Denise Lynn. Silhouette Nocturne Publication. February 2009. ISBN #: 0373618050.

Nathan the Learned has been waiting to assume power since the year 1172. That's a long time to wait, but Nathan's been a busy man during those centuries, killing and plotting to acquire an ancient medieval manuscript. Learning the Druidic spells within that text will enable Nathan to rule the world, spreading his terror and control according to any whim or well-thought-out plan.

Druid Braeden Drake and Alexia, who has been separated from Braeden for a brief time, now possess the manuscript. But Braeden doesn't have the knowledge or complete Druidic power to decode its contents and he wouldn't even have the manuscript had Alexia not been the target of an attempted attack and even possible murder. Neither are aware of the contest happening behind the scenes between Nathan and an imprisoned, dying wizard, a battle vying for the minds and hearts of the young couple thrust together.

Passion and lust are ever looming between Braeden and Alexia, sometimes fought and denied and often devouring them to the point of oblivious satisfaction and more. But something about this attraction-repulsion game is totally off as their totally consuming passion seem to arise at the most inopportune times, moments when Alexia seems about to unravel pivotal clues to parts of the book controlling their lives. Druid Braeden is only partially aware of Nathan's sinister plot.

Denise Lynn once again has crafted an absolutely astonishing, unexpected story and conclusion that will thrill every reader rooting for Braeden and Alexia's healing reunion and insatiably curious about the outcome of the battle for the Druidic elder spells.

Dragon's Lair is the best of all Denise Lynn's terrific novels!

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