Sunday, July 4, 2010

To Tame A Dangerous Lord by Nicole Jordan

To Tame a Dangerous Lord by Nicole Jordan. Ballantine Books. January 2010. 464 pp. ISBN #: 9780345510112

The Courtship Wars series continues with this account of Madeline Ellis, a 19th Century woman forced through lack of connections and money to seek a position as a companion or perhaps a governess. While being stalked by a former acquaintance, the Lord, Baron Ackerby is surprisingly confronted by a total stranger, Rayne Kenyon, Earl of Haviland. Rayne quickly picks up her clues and is able to repulse the advances of Ackerby. But the sparks flying between Rayne and Madeline make her realize she's left the frying pan only to jump into a much hotter frying pan, one that is not altogether unpleasant!

It turns out that Madeline's father had a very special connection with Rayne, one he feels duty-bound to honor by making sure Madeline reaches her destination safe and sound. It's a purely objective, reasonable decision he makes and yet he cannot deny how tempting she is.

Helping her to seek a career, Rayne realizes that he might have an answer to the bothersome question of whom he must marry to secure his own aristocratic lifestyle. But if this were to occur, it would be a marriage in name only, wouldn't it? What Rayne fails to anticipate is the efforts of two sisters, who will help to transform Madeline into even more of a stunning beauty than she already is.

Rayne can't help admire this feisty young woman who is so unlike the women he is expected to marry in his social world. Nicole Jordan creates appealing characters whose ability to arouse and respond to passion without reservations is unequaled by many other romance authors. The plot is incredible, humorous, adventurous and all together delightful! Congratulations, Ms. Jordan, on another definite best seller!

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