Sunday, July 4, 2010

Entertaining Angels by Judy Duarte

Entertaining Angels by Judy Duarte. Kensington Books. May 2009. ISBN #: 9780758220165

Regrets - real or imagined occurrences that can make or break one's life, unless one has the help of the titled divine assistants. Believe that? You decide as you meet the participants of this charming but real story.

Meet Craig Houston, about to start his first assistant pastor job in a small town church and trying so hard to forget his sports career dreams shattered by a physical injury. Then there's Renee, a 15 year-old girl who is both newly pregnant and thrown out of her home and Shana who is about to make the perfect society marriage but doesn't have a clue of the meaningful purpose waiting for her realization. Kristy struggles to work hard while caring for her son and ailing grandmother, a difficult woman self-absorbed in her illness and about to be jolted into another purpose.

Who are the entertaining angels? You'll obviously have to read the story to find out but as usual they aren't your ordinary well-received people who match the majority of human expectations. But the reader does immediately recognize these angels, whether seen or heard, for the wise, real and blessed presence that transforms each person they address.

Entertaining Angels is a story that addresses ideas and realities we all at some point contemplate: faith, the homeless, mental health, community service and most importantly, meaningful connection with one's fellow men and women on a journey holding unique promise and divine purpose!

Very nicely done, Ms. Duarte!!!

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