Monday, July 5, 2010

Becoming the Most Important Person in the Room by Rose Rosetree

Becoming the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment by Rose Rosetree. Women's Intuition Worldwide, L.L.C. Publication. 2009. ISBN #: 9780975253878

Rose Rosetree has written a book focused on awakening and enlivening your sensitivity to the world around and within you! This is commonly referred to as being empathic. No, it's not weird self-help but is about one's sensitivity to the world of "mind, body, spirit, intellect, soul, emotions and environment." Just what would that do for a man or woman?

Providing 30 days of exercises and meditations, the author describes how life-changing these activities may be as you become the vibrantly alive person you were meant to be. The exercises enable one to shut off or out exterior, deafening noise that often clogs one's awareness since we so often wind up turning off so much else beside the noise in a naturally defensive posture; the results of learning to distinguish sounds set up a whole new parameter of acting and reacting. The author also clarifies the difference between being an empath and intuitive gifts that are quite different.

One also begins to acquire the skill of checking one's reactions by stopping to ask what I want or am thinking right now immediately before responding to a "must" or "should" questions which often besiege us in our very busy lifestyles. The reader is even invited to examine how one communicates with a Higher Power, God, or whatever name one uses for a spiritual power to whom one speaks or prays. Emotional healing may be fostered by the awareness growing out of these meditations. These are a very few items included in this varied, comprehensive text about becoming an empath.

The result strikes this reader as not only special for someone who feels like a shadow in the midst of a crowd but also uniquely appropriate for so many in this world who have evolved into human beings living in a mechanical fashion, numb to the world once known so vividly as children.

Being the Most Important Person in the Room isn't about becoming an ego-maniac but a fully empowered man or woman equipped to embrace "ALL" of life's beauty, power, pleasure and so much more! Quite impressive and very, very interesting!

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