Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leah by Dana K. Haffar

Leah. Dana K. Haffar. E-Book. November 2011. 505 KB. Available on all major E-Book store websites.

How could an 8 year-old young girl, Leah, known to be a skilled swimmer have drowned on the island of Puerto Franco, an event of catastrophic proportion to her mother, Cristina. Cristina is so distraught over the loss of her daughter that she cannot lay her to rest in symbolic form as there is no body to bury. As time passes, others believe the island has been cursed by Leah's death, and every terrible event only fuels the fire of fear and dislike of Cristina.

Years later, a young woman, Mar, and her daughter, Lemay, arrive at the island. Mar is taking time off from her womanizing and self-centered husband, time to actually foster her own artistic painting skills neglected for far too long. She has her own loss to contend with and a possible eye problem that might eventually result in blindness. They both begin to get to know the friendly native people, including a warm and welcoming woman who runs the cottage where the mother and daughter stay, the local fisherman, and some other strange and mysterious woman who play a large part in the eerie events to follow!

Things are pleasantly moving along when Mar experiences some strange events connected to the death of Leah, with messages that make no sense to Mar but which seem to forebode something dangerous about to happen. Sure enough, events begin to spiral out of control and culminate with jealous rages and physical assaults that are life-threatening. A secret revelation at the end will tie all these clues together, with a pace and skill that is superb and totally grips the reader's attention.

Leah is a well-crafted story told by a writer who deserves greater recognition and applause! Superb novel, Ms. Haffar!

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