Saturday, March 17, 2012

Diary of a Mad fat Girl by Stephanie McAfee

Diary of a Mad fat Girl. Stephanie McAfee. New American Library Trade Book. February 2012. 368 pages. ISBN: 9780451236494.

Ace Jones is one crazy, feisty, and funny gal! She has had a few very close friends who sheltered and comforted her when she lost her entire family in a very brief time, a fact that just might be a trust issue with Mason McKenzie who worships the ground she walks on as well as her chiweenie dog named Buster Loo! Oh why else would she turn him away?

Ace is working as an art teacher but haunted by a nasty principal itching to fire Ace and toting up every rule infraction Ace commits, of which there are a few, deliberately done, ahem? When the tyrant boss accuses Ace's best friend, Lily, of having sexual relations with a student, Ace is shocked beyond belief initially but then becomes determined to find out the truth behind the allegation.

Add to that another friend, Chloe, whose cheating husband has beaten her up so that she must be hospitalized, and Ace is out on a mission - proof of what a low-life Chloe's husband really is! At first Chloe asks for help but then as a true victim rejects any help, which doesn't stop Ace and Lily from surging forward on their mission, with the help of some police officers and a very rich old lady, who is a hoot in her own right!

For more about how this hilarious adventure progresses, you'll have to read about it yourself and it's well-worth the read! This diary is a light-hearted great read, and Stephanie McAfee has written a chick lit book that is guaranteed to make you want her to write more books as fun as this one! I'm still laughing, Ms. McAfee! Thank you!

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