Sunday, March 11, 2012

Before She Dies by Mary Burton

Before She Dies. Mary Burton. Zebra Books. February 2012. 416 pages. ISBN #: 9781420110210.

Charlotte is determined to let nothing get in the way of justice! After a night of sex with colleague Rokov in which he hopes for more in their relationship and she hopes for nothing, they are called to the site of a grisly murder. It's clearly one with occult connections as the body's appearance reveals, a startling sight, a case which Rokov will be struggling to solve and close.

Charlotte has the reputation of a no-nonsense, effective lawyer whose world is about to become unraveled when Grady Tate appears and asks Charlotte to help with a shop-lifting case. Her inner alarm bells are ringing loudly and clearly as she knows Grady is up to no good, and she's petrified that her secret past could be exposed. She's related to this man indirectly and directly through past acts of greed and manipulation; and she knows that he is up to something much larger than what she experienced. Charlotte juggles this riddle with Rokov's attentive expectations of more than just nights of passionate sex - which Charlotte both loves and hates!

How real was her role in the carnival years before when as a fortune teller she uttered a prediction and showed fear before an eerie character who repulsed her tremendously with his twisted looks? How will that one day cause havoc for unknown victims years in the future, including the murders of two innocent woman? And just why is Charlotte so ashamed of that past? What pain is she carrying which increases when she finds out that Grady has another naieve young woman who is now playing the "Madame Divine" role. Grady is using that woman to achieve a final grisly goal that eventually will thrill and shock the reader with its twisted method and end result.

Mary Burton is a pro at creating riveting, intense, mysterious, and thrilling crime fiction! Before She Dies is one more testament to the talented skills that deserves a wide audience and recognition! Should be a best seller!!!

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