Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Son: Book 2 of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Golden Son: Book 2 of the Red Rising Trilogy.  Pierce Brown.  Random House Publishing House.  January 2015. 4 pp. hardback and e-book. ISBN #: 9780804177603.

In this second novel of the Red Rising trilogy, Darrow has become a member of the ruling Gold people.  His goal is based on the loss of his wife, Eo, who sacrificed her life that her song of freedom might be sung across the planet of Mars by the Reds yearning for freedom and other color segments of this society all serving the Golds.  Unfortunately, Darrow who was so successful in becoming a Gold in the former novel, Red Rising, has now failed his masters.  He has lost an important battle and is considered a failure and therefore is condemned to be an outcast.  As a result of the fact that he killed the brother of one of his former Gold friends, that family now wants nothing less than Darrow’s death!

In his escape Darrow is again thrown into association with the Reds.  While Darrow had been carrying out his previous schooling and battles with the Golds, the Reds were not sitting idle but decide to begin their revolution by specific killings. This in turn has focused attention on their rebels and it has been decided that all Reds must be eliminated.  Augustus, Darrow’s former master, has been manipulated by another foe who deliberately spread rumors and master-minded Darrow’s demise.  Now Darrow has no idea who is friend or foe!

The battles that now rage are literally fought for the future of who will rule Mars fairly or fiercely! Part of the Golds are based on former Roman rulers, even emulating their lost culture into reality on Mars.  Their prowess in battle is no less real and the reader will be flipping the pages as Darrow seeks to stay close to the Son of Ares and use him to free the Reds and destroy the Golds.  He is without old friends and he spends an inordinate amount of time reflecting (or whining, take your pick) about why he is now where he is.  Instead he now has new friends and even a new love! But then chaos, destruction and death by attack loom large in every corner and there’s no time to do anything but do more than survive, be victorious!

Golden Son is even more exciting than its predecessor and is recommended highly for all lovers of great science fiction! 

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