Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Bourbon Kings (Series #1) by J. R. Ward

The Bourbon Kings (Series #1).  J. R. Ward. New American Library: Penguin Group USA. July 2015. 432 pp.  ISBN#: 9780451475268.

Move over, creators, actors and actresses of the singular TV series, Dallas, depicting the oil and cattle families in all of their glory, glitziness, and scandal! For now we have a Novel, The Bourbon Kings, taking place in Kentucky where the production of bourbon and prize-winning horses rules.  The Bradford family is quite a collection with characters and outrageous scenes that will keep you up very late at night and feeling that you can’t put this soon to be bestseller down until you’ve finished the whole story.  And this is only Book One of a series to follow!

Lizzie King, the Bradford’s head gardener, made a big mistake in falling in love with Tulane, the family black sheep.  Their breakup was bitter and crushing for Lizzie and is now uprooted when Tulane appears after drinking and gambling away his life in New York for two years.  He’s come back because the family cook, Aurora, is ill, possibly dying.  Lizzie spends her time fighting her desire and repulsion, determined not to be entrapped again by Lane’s charm and entrancing sexiness. But somehow this is the least of the Bradford problems.

Another brother, Edward Bradford, sets himself apart after being kidnapped and tortured in South America.  His hate for his brother, William, the ostensible family leader, is volatile and unending.  Edward raises horses and wants nothing to do with the family business of producing high quality bourbon for the world.   But Edward will be forced to come out of his reclusive stance and face family problems beyond his ken.
Gin Bradford is probably the most spoiled character in this novel.  She uses sex as a tool and is now about to be challenged by a forced marriage. 

There’s a rival family to the Bradfords and the female leader of this clan will be called upon to save William and his clan. For William has been keeping so many secrets that no one is even slightly suspicious of the cliff-hanging crisis about to be unleashed and needing immediate intervention!

Murder, theft, betrayal, and unbelievable acts fill this novel with unending and tension-riddled moments that could also make for a phenomenal movie or series.  As this novel is the first in a series, such a possibility seems ripe for the taking.

You will either absolutely love or hate this tome of dysfunction, romance, sex exploitation, violence, and more!  All in all, The Bourbon Kings is bound to be a hit!

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