Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Devil’s Bridge: An Alexandra Cooper Novel #17 by Linda Fairstein

Devil’s Bridge: An Alexandra Cooper Novel #17. Linda Fairstein. Penguin Group (USA). August 2015. 384 pp.  ISBN#: 9780147538932.

Alexandra Cooper’s job isn’t pretty but it’s all about justice.  She’s the chief prosecutor of the Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit and has made more enemies than she can count on both hands.  So no big shock when she’s called into the scene of a murder of a pimp, a creep who was so passed out from booze that he probably never knew that the gal who clambered over him was just aiming for a guaranteed hit!

Mike Chapman, one of Alexandra’s peers, quickly becomes involved in finding the murderer.  A series of events will quickly connect a very well-known Reverend to not only the murderer but also many other connected crimes.  The problem is the so-called “Reverend” is connected to just about every high politician and their family members in New York City.  So the job is clear but where it will end up and through how many mazes before they get there is for the reader to discover.

The plot becomes rivetingly more intense when Alexandra disappears. Since she and Mike have recently become a “couple,” everyone seems to think he knows precisely where she’s gone.  More deaths will follow and the investigators will have to ramp up their skills to capture the elusive killer, who is not who the reader thinks committed the brutal kills.

There’s a story behind the term “Devil’s Bridge,” a story obviously connected to the practice of evil, a connection all too real and too well-known, a fact of life that grossly tarnishes what is otherwise a remarkably lovely view along the Manhattan waterfront.
Devil’s Bridge… is fine crime fiction with just the right amount of tension, tenderness and humor.  Finely crafted, Linda Fairstein!

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