Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rainy Day Sisters: A Hartley-By-The-Sea Novel by Kate Hewitt.

Rainy Day Sisters: A Hartley-By-The-Sea Novel.  Kate Hewitt. Penguin Group (USA). August 2015. 368 pp.  ISBN#: 9780451475589.

Lucy Bagshaw’s life has been shattered by her mother’s embarrassing public commentary on Lucy’s art, the public response and Lucy’s boyfriend who drops her like a hot potato to protect his own children from the bad press circulating both online and print media. So Lucy decides to take a temporary receptionist position in a school in Hartley-By-The-Sea and live with her half-sister, Julie, for the duration. But the welcome she receives is less than lukewarm, in fact downright cool. Add to that the fact that Lucy’s new boss, Alex, is sexy hot in looks but colder than stone in professional affect.  The weather is cold and bleak on most days, albeit the good days are glorious and gorgeous.  So much for a happy escape for Lucy!

This is the story of how Lucy and Juliet learn to become true sisters, but initially there’s nothing easy.  Juliet feels even more hated by their mother, artist Fiona, and is angry at and jealous of Lucy who supposedly got all the mothering Juliet never had.  Juliet runs a bed and breakfast business but that’s about all the socializing she’s done in the ten years she’s been a resident in Hartley.  However, that’s about to change as Lucy, despite constant disappointments, is a hopeless optimist and easily makes friends.  Lucy’s also got a soft spot for many of the troubled kids in the school where she works.

Lucy’s compassion also extends to her boss, Alex’s children who are really hurting since the death of their mother two years earlier.  Her efforts with one of them will open up a whole new world.  Lucy’s outgoing nature will change Juliet’s world as well, forcing her to open up to new friends and neighbors in small increments that will be the beginning of a far better life.

Rainy Day Sisters… is a lovely read that is full of secrets to be learned, healing to happen and a beautiful environment in which all good things will emerge for those willing to move past self-imposed boundaries.  Nicely crafted, indeed, Kate Hewitt! Recommended contemporary fiction and romance fiction reading for sure!

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