Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ten Days in Paradise: A Novel by Linda Abbott

Ten Days in Paradise: A Novel.  Linda Abbott. White Birch Publishing. December 2014. 344 pp.  ISBN#: 9780692345504.

How do individuals not only change over time but also cope with that change as it occurs?  And how do we cope with other people around us who are also changing gradually or dramatically? Linda Abbott has written a story that examines some fascinating scenarios for exactly those scenarios described above.  The account of these people takes place on the gorgeous island of Sanibel Island located off Florida’s Gulf Coast, a place of such immense beauty and serene ambience that it relaxes visitors.  As the rest takes root, it allows reflection which raises pleasures and pains in stark relief!

David and Marianne are at odds about how to raise their children.  David thinks they are spoiled brats who can get anything and everything but just throwing a rousing tantrum and Marianne claims they are “Indigo” children with special needs that must be fulfilled in untraditional ways.  Add to that the fact that David meets Ellen, a sexy-looking woman. Ellen is on a vacation from life, work, her passionless husband and a teenage son straight out of a horror story.  Ellen is questioning whether this is normal, whatever that word means anyway, or a difficult transition she should abandon or faithfully endure!

David and his family are here on the island to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents.  That in itself may be in jeopardy as David’s Dad’s behavior is worrying his Mom, with his Dad’s mood swings and forgetfulness suggesting something is seriously wrong.  Add to that his successful sisters are eventually going to be present, and the family definitely has problems with both of them. 

Add to that a non-denominational Church that’s been given a date to either relocate their building or have it bulldozed!  The urgency of the devoted members quickly becomes concerted, united effort!

Fiction reflects the truth about reality, and this is human life with all its fun, passions, and foibles which Linda Abbott finely depicts.  While there are many characters, once one has distinguished them, the story jettisons forward, with plenty of conversations and scenes to rivet the reader on every page.  As in real life, some situations resolve quite nicely and others – well, let’s say they are evolving! 

Fine contemporary and romance fiction, Linda Abbott!

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