Saturday, May 30, 2015

Looking for Charlotte by Jennifer Young

Looking for Charlotte. Jennifer Young. Tirgearr Publishing. April 2015. 306 pp.  and also an E-book 2253 kb.  ASIN: B00UEVPWIK. 

Flora is a mother with grown-up children.  Working in a law office, along with her good friend, Philip, has given some sense of purpose.  Yet it’s clear that she’s experiencing some kind of “empty nest syndrome” although she would never even think of that as something to explain her present dissatisfaction.  Her ex-husband disappeared years ago and she has some thoughts about Philip as being more just a friend but wouldn’t dare express those vague whispers of thought to him. 

A local case has intrigued everyone in Flora’s office.  A two year-old girl, Charlotte, was murdered by her father, Ally, who then killed himself.  The only problem for Charlotte’s mother, Suzanne, is that Ally never told anyone where he left Charlotte’s body.  This then now becomes Flora’s quest who believes the detectives and police have been looking in all the wrong places.  Little by little, she becomes obsessed with finding Charlotte and Philip becomes increasingly concerned.  Things come to a critical pass with Flora and Philip seeing each other with new eyes, a nice development in the middle of what is becoming an increasingly intense search for the truth.

A little bit may be said about Flora’s children who only come home to Momma when they need money or comfort for their own needs.  Flora needs to get up some guts to tell these selfish brats to get lost and grow up, but the question looms whether or not she’s up to the task.

Suzanne’s part of the story is learning to live while forever mourning her dead child.  Secrets will be uncovered, literally as well as figuratively, and the reader will be rooting for Suzanne who also has a new developing opportunity that can only come with some important realizations.

This is the first novel by Jennifer Young this reviewer has read and found delightful reading.  There is just enough intrigue, adventure, romance, humor and gritty real living to make for a fascinating and enjoyable read!  Very nicely crafted, Jennifer Young and recommended reading!

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