Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Brotherhood (The Tadhg Sullivan Series Book 2) by Daithi Kavanagh

The Brotherhood (The Tadhg Sullivan Series Book 2).  Daithi Kavanagh. Tirgearr Publishing. May 2015. 236 pp. e-book. ASIN #: B00USBGLJU.  

Tadhg Sullivan is feeling down and out.  He’s been transferred to Clare from Dublin after causing a ruckus with the Minister of Justice and other officials. He’s got an obvious problem with binge drinking and his girlfriend, Helen Carty, journalist has walked out on him.  But now his services are required as the superb investigator he is.  A year ago a young girl was abducted and has never been found and now another girl has disappeared.  Tadhg is told he’s on the case but given dire warnings he’s not to cause trouble with this case.  But trouble seems to shadow Tadhg wherever he goes, mainly because he brooks no nonsense or interference in his sleuthing.  But he won’t be able to do this one alone and the stakes are so much larger than he could ever imagine.

Tadhg quickly knows who has abducted the girl but he’s having a hard time getting into the alleged perpetrator’s home because the Minister of Justice and other higher-ups are protecting the criminal probably hiding the girl.  So what does one do when bureaucracy blocks the way?  Create a new plan.  Once he has implemented his plan and rescued the girl, as well as arrested the homeowner, his troubles are only just beginning. 

Now begins a spiral of violent scenes in which it becomes clear that there is a high-powered group called The Brotherhood, a cult into conducting ritual sacrifices never clearly delineated.  However, what is immediately clear is they are very professional in eliminating anyone who poses a threat or could expose them.  They also make it clear that Tadhg is on their constant radar and go after him and also someone very dear to him.  Tadhg will have to rely on a CIA friend and a member of the IRA, no friend to anyone but essential as far as knowing what it takes to take down the enemy.  The list of those involved is long and some are not only trying to disappear from Tadhg but also their own Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood… is superb crime/adventure fiction. Daithi Kavanagh has crafted a wild, tension-riddled plot that will keep the reader flipping the pages and unable to put down the novel.  While the characters may be stereotypical, the story line certainly isn’t and is riveting, well-paced, thrilling fiction. 

Great writing, Daithi Kavanagh!

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  1. Thank you very much Debbie for a great review! I'm am thrilled that you enjoyed my book. Daithi