Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding: Her Royal Spyness #12 by Rhys Bowen

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding: Her Royal Spyness #12 by Rhys Bowen. Penguin Publishing Group. Copyright August 2018.; pb. 304 pp.; ISBN: 9780425283523.

Lady Georgiana Rannoch is soon to marry her love Darcy.  Georgie is a cousin to the Queen but has agreed to forfeit her royalty in marrying a commoner, which she doesn’t mind one whit. 

Weddings are in the air it seems!  Her mother is going to marry a German (not so wise in pre-WWII climate of 1935), her grandfather is planning on marrying his neighbor and Darcy’s father is planning on marrying a princess of England.  Now she’s going to stay at the home of her mother’s ex-husband.  Wedding plans are getting complex since Queen Mary wishes to attend and wants many royal persons there as well.  That will all come together but what Georgie finds in Sir Hubert Anstruther’s country home is far from normal and is quite mysterious!

The home is covered in dust but worse is the butler, maid, and cook with nasty attitudes.  They refuse to take Georgie’s requests or even orders unless Sir Hubert Anstruther approves them.  It also seems the help has been “cooking the books,” helping themselves to a mite extra for their loyal service (or lack of is more like it).

No spoilers – suffice to say that a resident madwoman, someone turning on the gas taps in Georgie’s room, etc. and then a dead body pose significant risks to Georgie and her Mum, Grandad and maid/cook Queenie.  One knows the mystery will be solved but it’s the process of discovering the crooks/would-be killers and killers that’s done in a light-hearted, fun manner. 

Darcy is occasionally present so the romance side is just a snippet here and there.  Of course, although no one specifies what Darcy does for a living, it’s clear he’s a spy or something distinctly related to that profession.

Enjoy Four Funerals and a Wedding, a highly enjoyable royal mystery!

(Advanced Reader copy provided courtesy of Penguin Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.)

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