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Misfortune of Time: Druid's Brooch Series #6 by Christy Nicholas

Misfortune of Time: Druid’s Brooch Series #6. Christy Nicholas. Tirgearr Publishing. Copyright July 2018. pb. 2322 KB.; ASIN: B07D447G4Y.

This sixth story of the Druid Brooch Series is multi-layered and told in several parts.  Etain is very, very old thanks to the magic in the brooch she was given by another gifted one.  She’s living in the 11th Century and has the ability to orient her magic to making her appear to be aging.  The reality is she’s over 100 years old but has the abilities of someone younger than thirty years old.  For now, she’s got bigger problems.  Her present husband, Airtre, is a Christian priest who treats Etain deplorably, abusing her physically at every opportunity. Other neighbors, monks and priests (marriage is as yet not forbidden but that law is coming to hold in the Church as Christianity spreads in Ireland) try to shelter her from Airtre’s wrath but even her magic is powerless against his rages.  Things are about to change!

When Etain is attacked by a mad neighbor, he swears Etain will be burnt to death because of her magic.  Since no one knows about this secret, Etain tries to get away from him but he won’t let go. Airtre comes to the scene and beats the man to death but is accused of murder.  A full trial ensues.  Etain desperately wants to become a bishop in the church but this matter frees him of guilt but taints him.  When others are consoling Etain, her husband goes mad and wants to kill her. Etain is forced, like many previous times, to escape.

Her next phase of existence is in the world of the Fae, sprites and fairies who possess a great deal of magic but who cannot abide in the human world.  Read for yourself the wondrous environment, the dynamic fierce and kind characters, and what Etain learns while being temporarily kept safe in this land.

When she returns to the world of mortals, the first thing she wants to do is find her grandson to whom she wishes to pass on the magic she received as taught by the Fae.  More conflicts ensue, and her grandson must be taught to trust his grandmother.  No spoilers here but an exciting unfolding of trust and release of suspicion.

This is a wonderful series, ready for anyone open enough to love magic, the world of healing herbs and spices, good food and drink, the joys of those who worship in the Old Ways, and on, and on and on!  Delightful reading – a fantasy story well-crafted and told! Highly recommended!

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