Sunday, April 22, 2018

Trouble at Timber Ski Lodge by Max Elliot Anderson

Trouble at Timber Ski Lodge. Max Elliot Anderson. TBCN, Inc. Copyright January 2018. pb. 136 pp.; ISBN: 97809384417191. TWEENS Reading - Ages 8-13.  

Sean Baxter is the number one enemy to his 12-year-old brother Eric.  The remarkable dynamic between these two brothers is that Sean never gets caught making trouble, a fact that frustrates Eric more and more with each passing day.  Now, however, the brothers are distracted by an exciting event that comes to the town in the mountains where their ski lodge is located. 

Before that discovery, Eric has to put up with his neighbor’s son, Vince, who runs another ski lodge, one that has all the latest gadgets and luxury items that make that lodge highly successful and profitable.  Vince, who really needs a friend, is constantly bugging Eric and putting down their lodge, which his father and grandfather manage, barely getting by because of lack of funds.

Now, an exciting event comes to their area.  Some thieves have stolen gold and are carrying it in a stolen airplane.  Given the fact that the area around these lodges are high in the mountains, most of the residents know that a plane will never make it through the mountains.  Finally, it will be Eric and Vince who put aside their mutual dislike and jealousy to solve the mystery of the missing gold and thieves. 

Max Anderson’s characters are strong, courageous yet full of humor and excitement, something for a young reader to truly enjoy!

The story is exciting and is guaranteed to thrill those who love adventurous stories, especially mysteries!

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