Thursday, February 8, 2018

All Systems Down - The Cyber War #1 by Sam Boush

All Systems Down: The Cyber War #1.  Sam Boush. Lakewater Press. February 2018. 284 pp.  ASIN#: B078CXKYQF.

Imagine for a moment that all the electric power in the world gradually and quickly turns off.  Everything! We’ve all occasionally had power outages at home but not everywhere else, including cars, planes, trains, cell towers, etc.  The world is dark and cold.  And forces are about to attack America!

Brendan Chogan is out of work. He was a parking meter attendant and former boxer but automation has forced him out of his job and he’s none too happy.  His interview for a new job goes nowhere and then suddenly his world situation gets so much worse after the power goes out – everywhere!

Cyber war is a problem that many fear will eventually happen on a world-wide scale but few realize what Brendan gradually realizes.  When there is no help to be had and no substitution for heat, water, transportation, protection, etc., then human beings show their best and worst characteristics. 

Small groups begin to form, looking to steal and kill just for the sheer pleasure of it.  Families have only each other and seek to escape away from the highly volatile urban areas.  Nine strangers learn to rely on each other and we never learn the full outcome of this Portland, Oregon area.  It seems there will be more to come of this cyberwar series.

North Korea is behind this masterful hacking job and there’s a story behind the solution, but there are human frailties that almost prevent that from happening.  
Sam Boush is a writer who knows how to craft a completely engaging story that is all too real, given our knowledge (and lack of it) about hacking, cyberwar and international spying.  This goes deeper and the rollercoaster ride herein is highly recommended reading!

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