Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Falling: A Love Story by Jane Green

Falling: A Love Story. Jane Green. Penguin Publishing Group. July 2016. 384 pp.  ISBN#: 9780399583285. 

Emma Montague has flown the hectic, successful, stylish life of the New York finance world to live in the countryside of Westport, Connecticut.  She’s actually British and comes from a family where “class” means everything and “Mum” just doesn’t get her present abandonment of a rising career for country living.  Emma herself isn’t quite sure about her future but little by little every day begins to feel oh so right!
Her first independent streak is deciding after renting a worn-down old house to do some redecorating.  It turns out Emma’s got quite a bit of latent talent and her landlord, after getting over the change of his grandparents’ look, admits her style is very, very good.  When not doing odd jobs at home and building shelves for his new renter Emma, Dominic is a bartender at a local bar and raising his son, 6 year-old Jessie.  The rapport between the three quickly grows, in between some very funny scenes as Emma is introduced to the night life of the area and some very varied women.  Some would have fit in Emma’s New York scene and others are more relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth women who warmly make Emma fit in as if she’s always lived there, even though they make her blush with their comments about Dominic as Emma’s “neighborly” closeness.

The remainder of the novel is quite lovely as Dominic, Emma and Jesse begin to bond as a caring family.  Then comes the totally unexplained and unexpected jolt and the future dramatically changes forever.

Wonderful, light (somewhat contrived) fiction that this reviewer highly recommends as a very pleasant read!  Thanks to the publisher, Penguin, who provided this novel in return for an honest review!

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