Saturday, August 11, 2012

Suitable Fate by A. R. Grobbo

Suitable Fate. A. R. Grobbo. Double Dragon E-Books. May 2012. 270 pages. 401 KB - E-Book. Available where E-Books are sold.

Gloria is back on the sleuth journey.  It all starts when holding her baby and approaching her apartment, she finds a dead body at the bottom of the stairs. Before she sees the face, she thinks it's her husband because his clothes are on the body.  

Now it seems her husband, who surprisingly shows up when Gloria thinks he is in Europe, is the prime suspect. And he's initially not telling her the truth.  As a matter of fact, the misunderstanding between both of them seems to have reached a peak.  She married a musician who has to travel yet repeatedly implies he "chooses" being away over being with her.  As a stand-alone story, this would be a fine treatment of this disagreement; it is a bit old for those who've read Grobbo's other excellent mysteries.

Tony, however, has more heart than even Gloria gives him credit for!  His attempt to help someone goes completely awry!  Nice additional touch, Ms. Grobbo!

Little by little the solution to this awful murder begins to evolve. But the danger for both Gloria and Tony isn't over.  Add to that the tendency of her father-in-law to micro-manage her life and the reluctance of local law officials to answer her questions or take her suggestions seriously, and you have another mystery that never fails to hold the reader's attention and desire to know "who done it."  Nicely done!

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