Sunday, August 5, 2012

Forever and a Day - A Lucky Harbor Novel by Jill Shalvis

Forever and a Day - A Lucky Harbor Novel. Jill Shalvis. Grand Central Publishing - a Hachette Book Group novel.  July 2012. 384 pages. ISBN #: 9781455503698.

Grace has traveled to Lucky Harbor in Washington State to start completely over.  She's unable to find a full-time job and is working several small jobs, including the latest when she gets a message for a dog walking job that starts on the same day she gets the message.  She figures she's going to be working for some crotchety old-timer so imagine her surprise when she meets the exact opposite of that false image!

For she meets Josh, a doctor who is stretched so to the limit he has no time for himself let alone a woman.  But it's sparks flying when these two meet though both are initially cautious, not wanting to confuse their already complicated lives. 

Each is what the other needs and slowly realize what each wants.  Turns out that the reader will have to suffer through (ahem, LOL!) some HOT scenes when these two allow the reserve to run out of their lives.  

The lovely part of this story is that Grace and Josh take the time to really get to know each other before they even begin to contemplate commitment.  Josh has a needy sister and 5 year-old son, Toby who are to become a vital part of Grace's life but that realistically takes time and some very honest connection, misunderstanding, and understanding moments.

Lovely, passionate, and caring story, Jill Shalvis!                        

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