Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fatal Fortune by Elizabeth Delisi

Fatal Fortune. Elizabeth Delisi. Tirgearr Publishing. June 2012. 52158 words - E-Book. ISBN #: 9781476498409.

Lottie Baldwin knows how to read tarot cards and has an uncanny sense of dire things happening in the past or present.  And she's got this awful sense that something terrible is going to happen today and actually knows it is going to happen to Harry, her good friend, Janet's husband, Harry.  Sure enough, Harry is reported to be missing.  While he won't be found for a while, Lottie and her boyfriend, Harlan are investigating by speaking to everyone who knew Harry.  But Harlan is getting upset with Lottie; he grudgingly admits she has a definite gift but doesn't want her interfering with police work.  Lottie complies...well, somewhat...

The plot moves along with a great deal of repetition, mainly to reinforce the idea that Harry had a past history that leads others to believe he's just faded away for a while but will be back.  But Lottie and Harlan know Harry gave up his bad habits years ago and has been entirely reliable and clean for several years now. 

Others are not so convinced, however.  For instance there's one character in a wheelchair because of Harry.  Another character is a drunk who thinks he's been duped out of money donated to build the local college, money that he should have inherited.  Several characters have motives to hurt Harry and others have motives to destroy the new building project for the local college.  How does Harry fit into the latter?  Will Harry be found?  

Fatal Fortune is a slow mover at first but picks up in the second half of the novel to provide an intriguing plot depicted in a mystery-style presentation that draws in the reader into an intense desire to see how this mystery will be resolved.  Nicely done, Elizabeth Delisi!

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