Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Trouble With Pilots by Kristi Ahlers

The Trouble With Pilots. Kristi Ahlers. Tirgearr Publishing. April 2012. 45 pp. or 126 KB - print or e-book format.  

Sarah Harper is off to Paris to design her best friend's wedding dress.  The problem is she is absolutely petrified of flying.  She's beside herself as she sits down for the flight.  How surprised is she to find an ex-pilot, Trey Chasen, is sitting next to her.  The combo of her medication to relax her and the scent and relaxed manner of her seatmate wind up bringing out an outrageous, totally unplanned reaction before they land!  While she's embarrassed, he's fascinated and wants to spend more time with this funny but intriguing, sexy gal!

Now Sarah has previously dated a pilot and thinks they all have egos bigger than the skies in which they regularly fly!  But Trey Chasen is blowing that image out of the skies, and Sarah is starting to like the new thoughts electrifying her body and mind!

Where will this hot romance lead?

The second novelette in The Troubles series, this story again is short but oh so satisfying and  passionate! Again, very nicely done, Ms. Ahlers!

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