Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Trouble With French Kisses by Kristi Ahlers

The Trouble with French Kisses. (Book 1 of The Trouble Series).  Kristi Ahlers. Tirgearr Publishing. February 2012. 43 pp. or 118 KB - print or e-book. 

Hannah Walsh hardly expects to fall so fast to a French aristocrat, Damien Jacques, descended from a French King and owner of a successful wine vineyard.  

Hannah's last romance had severely injured her self-image, but she's managed to restore some of it with her job with Louis Vuitton and the breathtaking view in Paris. After a first date at the lively Moulin Rouge, she finds herself more and more interested in Damien but is still hesitant, having learned that men with large egos are more self-centered than interested in caring and loving a woman.

However, Damien shows signs of intelligence, wit, and humility as he takes her through the more famous Parisian sites such as Versailles and even his own home, where the lights truly begin to turn on - and not from the regal surroundings!  

So how is it that they are arrested for kissing? Find out about a law rarely enforced except this one time!

This is a very short but lovely novelette that all lovers of the romance fiction genre will eat up quickly and want more!  Terrific story, Ms. Ahlers!

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