Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pigsong by Frank Delaney

Storytellers: Pigsong, A Short Story. Frank Delaney. Meier Publisher. E-Book. 32 Pages. 244 KB. March 2012. Sold at all major e-book retailers.

Frank Delaney continues his Storyteller short story series with this tale that contains all of the elements of great storytelling that the author describes: "surprise...magic...notable, place-holding phrases...digression..homespun wisdom...hint of morality...and the suspension of belief and disbelief at one and the same time." Yes, it's all here in this very brief short story and what a story it is!

Yes, "once upon a time..." there was a very greedy and hard-hearted couple who wanted to get rich but knew they couldn't do it alone.  So they devise a scheme to obtain (something like that, ahem) the necessary help and create a horrific world for far too many people.  So far, nothing we haven't met in other tales, right? But now is where the magic begins! 

A young boy set to the task of taking care of pigs learns to truly listen to the song that will free him and make him a new man capable of so much more than one's limited imagination alone can dream!  No, no more here - you simply must read this wonderful story, written in impeccable and eloquent language, to fully appreciate the gift within it which will let your own heart listen and soar to new heights!

Frank Delaney has done it again - what a gem - a must read written by a true Bard!

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