Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Hammer of God by Tom Avitabile

The Hammer of God. Tom Avitabile. The Fiction Studio. April 2012. 404 Pages. ISBN #: 9781936558384. 

Twenty-four small jars of cold cream are ready for shipment and it's a job well-done. So begins the innocuous journey that ends in a crushing accident and what seems to be deliberate end to this shipment, forever encapsulated in layers of concrete. Yet is that really the end? 

  The plot now shifts to a bunch of science geeks in the Bronx who do nothing that normal teenage kids do but are excused for their obsession with science and electronics because of their formidable intelligence. Although frequently separated by miles as they grow older, they remain bonded friends whose link may well one day save mankind! 

Again, another shift takes us to an opposite group of characters who believe the West is evil incarnate and who must be destroyed. Each member of this cast trains hard to ensure success in the ultimate question of total destruction. What does it involve and how will it be accomplished? 

A renowned scientist and his committee hold a secret about a global harmonic grid which other scientists and government person deem nonsense but which targets each member of the committee for assassination. Killed or otherwise,they disappear just when they are needed most. 

Meanwhile, the plot is thickening, with Bill Hiccock and his Quarterback Ops Group attempting to forecast and prevent a terrorist act or acts from killing thousands or millions of U. S. citizens. 

The Hammer of God is a tightly plotted, fear-filled and all-too-realistic thriller that is finely written, in fact the best this reviewer has read in a long time. It should be a best seller and will make the reader anxiously awaiting the third and final novel in this thriller trilogy! Great job, Tom Avitabile!!!

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