Thursday, February 16, 2012

Storytellers - The Druid - A Short Story by Frank Delaney

Storytellers: The Druid: A Short Story. Frank Delaney. E-Book Edition. 339 KB. ASIN: B006M594JK.

Frank Delaney begins this story with a preface about the well-known Bards of Ireland, their various names, their powers, political connections, place in the community, and their wonderful story-telling abilities. Frank Delaney here continues the tradition in this series of short stories, the first being "The Druid"!

This is a truly magical story about a crazy Druid who also knew how to manipulate the people he served with his powers. It's such a short story and not to be ruined by telling too much about it. It contains the proverbial phrases and comments that helped expand a bard's story, but most of all it tells of how much the common Irish farmers trusted the Druid with their present and future, even down to the focus of this story, the possible wedding of a beautiful daughter to one known and one unknown suitor! Every utterance of advice was honored as if it came from the divine!

The Druid is an annoying but funny guy whose end will delight every reader! Frank Delaney is a true Bard sharing his love of fable, legend and stories in the 21st Century, and readers are privileged to enjoy every literate story and novel he writes. Lovely!

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