Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Land of Darkness by C. S. Lakin

The Land of Darkness. C. S. Lakin. AMG Publishers. November 2011. 272 pages. 13-17 years old recommended - YA. ISBN #:9780899578910

Jadiel has a horribly wicked stepmother who literally wants Jadiel to die. But before she dies, she must find a certain combination of herbs and flowers to make a concoction that will give the evil greater power than one could imagine. First she sends Jadiel off to find bark and leaves from a certain tree. Jadiel knows this is wrong and fears for her father who is besotted with his new wife, actually a hag in the finest sense of fairy tales of the past!

Then Jadiel meets a young man who is highly skilled in woodworking and is off on an adventure to seek a bridge with apparently beautiful and strange etchings worked into it. Now, however, Jadiel and Callen will learn what is truly good and evil within and outside of themselves through the help of a prophet and other adventures they experience on this adventurous journey.

C. S. Lakin writes in the style of C. S. Lewis, having children journey to a wicked city and battle the enemies they meet along the way, including learning about what true sacred living is all about. This author does a wonderful job conveying a sense of the sacred in an allegorical manner, a moral delight to any reader who may or may not believe! 

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