Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bright Arrow Burning by Isabo Kelly

Bright Arrow Burning. Isabo Kelly. Samhain Publishing, , Ltd. October 24, 2011. eBook. 82 pages. ISBN #: 9781609285340.

It's been many years since this reviewer read an Isabo Kelly story - my word, what a difference! Here we have two main and some minor characters, the former two very strong-willed, focused individuals. Layla Brightarrow lives in a world invaded by a species called Sorcerers who know how to use pain and joy to transform humans into their own kind. They have a destructive goal and are well on the way to accomplishing it!

However, they have a very different power over the elven kingdom (no spoilers here), one which the reader could not guess in a lifetime. All this is finally shared by one of the elves, Ulric of Glengowyn, who is passionate about Layla but has a hard time convincing her he is not an enemy. One of his family members just might complicate the situation for Ulric, but he's a brainy and brawny guy who might be able to handle any adversity that comes his way.

What Layla and Ulric come to acknowledge is that their fierce, steamy attraction and union is irresistible and ultimately so very, very satisfying - more than that!

Yes, this is hot, steamy romance - hotter than most romance fiction depictions for sure! The brevity is powerful in the immediate focus on the need to save Layla's country from traitors, but so is the flame that gets lit early in the lives of Layla and Ulric!

Lovers of the romance genre, you won't forget this power-packed story for quite some time! Nicely done, Isabo Kelly!

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  1. Great review--and I have to agree with you 100%! :D I loved this book, even as short as it was, and I look forward to future books by Isabo!