Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer 2011 Round-Up - Great Reading!


It's time for vacationing and just plain relaxing at the beach, with beautiful breezes and temperatures, a time to relax with a great read to relish while enjoying the surrounding summertime scenery! So here are some recommendations of the best reads to enjoy!

My favorite is Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax. It's a story about a family broken by the all too well-known Ponzi schemes that drove all too many families into bankruptcy and destitution. But it's so much more than that, with an account of rebuilding a neglected classic home and numerous family relationships, with just enough spark of romance to depict hope, rivalry, betrayal, and deep abiding love! Absolutely delightful!!!

Next is Threading the Needle by Marie Bostwick. It's a tale about a trophy whose husband is facing jail time and for whom she will no longer lie. Instead she returns to her hometown to rebuild a life in which she proves her intelligence, competency, and feistiness while receiving the support of a quilting community who accept one at face value. Add a little romantic caring and you've got the perfect recipe for creating a love tapestry that will endear every reader! Such a caring, adventurous, and loving read!

Now we turn to more of a mystery story with a most unusual double-plotted story, Missing Persons: A Kate Conway Mystery. Kate's husband has died and his mistress wants to mourn with her, while investigation continues regardless of the so-called natural death. At the same time, Kate is producing a TV show about Theresa Moretti who is a young woman in her twenties who has disappeared, leaving behind plenty of suspects to eyeball. It's fascinating the way these stories interweave to provide clues about obvious and surprising clues about each mystery. Fascinating story which is crafted quite cleverly!

Next we turn to some steamier romances for those who love the genre, beginning with Lori Foster's Savor The Danger. Here's a return of the mercenary characters who are trying to totally disband the sex traffickers ruining young girls and women's lives. Jackson Savor is the protagonist of this story who radiates sexual energy on almost every pages, while being a savvy and protective sleuth determined to put an end to threats, attacks, and the crimes devastating so many young lives. Hot, hot, hot read!

Up The Dry Creek is the next romance by Avery Flynn which highlights the murder of a young girl outside of a local popular Bistro and the investigator who is hired to make sure the police do their job right. Jake Warrick is sassy, smart and sexy who becomes more than a royal pain in the butt to Claire, with plenty of other suspicious and caring characters to spark a quick and feisty read!

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