Monday, July 4, 2011

Savor the Danger by Lori Foster

Savor the Danger. Lori Foster. Harlequin. 416 pages.
ISBN #: 9780373775828.

Alani Rivers is shocked when the unbelievably hot lover of the night before, Jackson Savor, wakes up and tells her he remembers nothing of the night before. He believes he's been drugged but has virtually no memory of the entire previous day. Still the way he looks at her tells her his reacting body remembers, even if his mind doesn't.

Alani had been kidnapped years before, a familiar story to readers who read the first book in this series, When You Dare. But obviously, her guard has been down to get so intimate with Jackson. While trying to initially work out any glimpse of connection, we learn that Jackson is also a mercenary whose job has involved freeing women sold into sex through professional sex traffickers. What neither Jackson and Alani, as well as Dare and Trace, also mercenaries from the previous two books, can figure out is what merited this attack. Add to that the fact that someone attempts to swipe their car and even returns to try again, obviously an effort to make a kill!

As the story unfolds, another character Marc Tobin seems to be involved with Alani in a way that defies his excuse of wanting to get closer to her. The plot deepens when an unexpected female appears to claim her "property." Who is at risk? Why wouldn't it be better for former enemies to leave all alone instead of returning withe incredible risk guaranteed as well as the formidable minds and protective skills of the three male protagonists? What is Alani not saying or doesn't know? Why is another female character, Arizona, promising to expose any threat but keeping silence at a pivotal point?

Savor the Danger is a more complex mystery than the previous two novels in this mystery/ romance series and definitely hot, hot, hot with sexual bantering and action. Fear and passion spiral side by side until the last tension-ridden moments of resolution, leading to who knows what with the spark-filled relationship that gets deeper from start to finish! Good job, Lori Foster!/span>

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