Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Hummingbird Wings: A Novel by Lauraine Snelling

On Hummingbird Wings: A Novel. Lauraine Snelling. Faith Words: Hachette Book Group. April 2011. 288 pp. ISBN #: 9780446582117.

Gillian Ormsby is a powerful business executive whose world is about to come to a shrieking halt, with massive changes forcing her to review her entire life. She's used to the tension of her consuming job but is now about to undergo a true test of stamina. For her mother, Dorothy, has decided she is dying; and to make sure she gets the message across, she's not eating or talking. All she does is sleep. Gillian's sister, Allie, calls for desperately needed help because she just can't cope. At the same time, Gillian discovers on the news that her company has been bought out and she's out of a job, albeit with a severance package. So Gillian moves from Manhattan in New York to California to take care of her mother and to eventually plan for her very vague future. Huge stressors!

But Gillian's life is about to be blessed through the friendship of Adam, a neighbor who shares her love of gardening, and Enzio who is a friend to Dorothy, even when he's not wanted. No one can figure out at first how to find out what's really wrong with Dorothy and how to get her living again.

Little by little, without me providing a spoiler, Gillian learns to relax even though she's doing lots of physical things. Allie finally tells her, after pages and pages of snide remarks and alternative silence, what's really bugging her. A plan begins to emerge, but even Gillian isn't prepared for the shocking revelations she receives in a series of emails and is pleased to bits about the relationship with Adam that seems to be evolving in a wonderful way.

On Hummingbird Wings is a novel about what's first and foremost, the blessings of family and friends, exactly as they are. These conflicts bring Gillian into a world of practical faith that stands the daily tests, simple or gigantic! People rather than work become the priority in her new world. This is a novel about growing, changing, and loving in a creative, accepting, inspiring, and real way. Very nicely done, Ms. Snelling!

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