Friday, June 24, 2011

Frostbound:The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood

Frostbound: The Dark Forgotten. Sharon Ashwood. A Signet Eclipse Publication. June 2011. 384 pp. ISBN #: 9780451231956.

Lore, the alpha hellhound, is serving as deputy sheriff in a town brimming with excitement and trouble! For an upcoming election in which a supernatural being is running is pitting not only humans against supernaturals but also a mysterious killer against a vampire. This enemy has necromancy or magical powers that starts a huge fire that can burn right through concrete and steel. Immediately after that conflagration begins, a human, Michelle, is slaughtered, and her vampire cousin, Talia is overcome by grief and then rage. But in her initial confusion, she is caught by Lore, who thinks she may be the murderer and yet is totally besotted by her, leading to an unyielding need to kiss her and make her his, a very dangerous connection!

At the same time, it seems like Lore's status as Alpha or leader of the pack is under question unless he soon finds a mate of his own kind, a fact that his wild desire for Talia could lead to the loss of his leadership. Talia never wanted to become a vampire, and the reader is gradually introduced to her family, her background of terror and freedom achieved at a devastating cost. To Lore's pack, however, Talia is the enemy whom he must forsake.

Gradually the mystery unfolds into terrible battles to the death, as well as a menacing threat that looms large over the city. Lore enlists the aid of a radio journalist with special connections and powers of her own, Errata Jones. After a while, her words about love between the hunter and prey are replayed in multiple nail-biting scenes that depict the ravenous nature of all in both love and war!

Finely plotted, sensitive, fierce, tender, and complex, Frostbound is the fourth book in the Dark Forgotten series that is a must read for those who love the supernatural fantasy genre. Karen Ashwood knows how to craft an eerie, old-fashioned, terrorizing tale!

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