Sunday, May 15, 2011

When You Dare by Lori Foster

When You Dare. Lori Foster. Harlequin Books. May 2011. 448 pp. pb. ISBN #: 978037377571.

Molly Alexander is in very, very bad shape. Kidnapped from her modest apartment in California, Molly has been drugged and tortured for nine agonizing days before she is rescued by Dare Macintosh. Something, he gradually realizes, is wrong as the other women in the room with Molly were mistreated but not physically manhandled on a regular basis. For now, Molly's constant reiteration of "I'm fine" belies the short and long-term effects of the horrific trauma she's endured.

As Dare and Molly begin to speak about her background and possible suspects, Dare's heart begins to quickly enfold this classy, intelligent lady on so many levels. She as well is struck with the physically hot presence of this man whose surprising tenderness and sensitivity only increase Molly attraction toward him. The tension is building and it's getting more than hot!

Much of the story is about the healing process to return Molly to some kind of daily functioning capability, although she clearly displays a formidably feisty spirit even after this terrorizing event. Who might have done it? Family? Ex-lover? Readers? For Molly is a romance writer who has ticked off her family as well as a host of faithful readers with her latest story focused on the subject of forgiveness.

The raw brutality of her living nightmare is more poignant as the mystery slowly begins to be emerge of the motives and intentions of the guilty, totally unexpected, incredible party. Appearances are not always what they seem for sure!

When You Dare is a passionate, exhilarating, intense, intelligent, and endearing novel that romance fiction lovers will relish. A sequel will shortly follow very soon - stay tuned to this blog for more!

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