Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life by Marina Sbrochi

Stop Looking For A Husband: Find the Love of Your Life. Marina Sbrochi. Brown Books. March 2011. 117 pp. ISBN #: 9781934812907.

Are you looking for the perfect mate? The question alone, according to this author, sets one up for all sorts of mind-game playing and eventual disappointment, even heartbreak. The advice offered in this latest book on dating and seeking a "soulmate" is actually common sense, one would think, right? Not so, for too many single people looking for Mr. Right, carrying out conversations and behavioral shenanigans that belie one's sincerity certainly produce the opposite of one's original intentions. Perhaps the motivation is the problem, more than whether interests are held in common or not.

The simplest advice offered by Ms. Sbrochi is to "be yourself," followed by chapters on how words expose the essence of who you are, how words often show how shallow or practical your aspirations are, and how actions borne out of honesty and integrity increase rather than decrease one's appearance of integrity in a relationship.

This book is not only full of advice for single woman but also overlowing with advice about how being yourself solves the problem and then everything else follows. Mixed into each segment of wise counsel are very funny stories of how presenting who you are turns either downright silly or potentially disastrous when you try to fake it, when you dress a certain way and get exactly the opposite of what you wanted, and so many more scenarios that will have the readers chuckling or guffawing with glee.

The author is also quite frank if the reader is looking for that "dreamboat" guy - don't bother reading further as you will be sorely disappointed. This also includes immediate talk about weddings, family (unless asked), other earlier relationships, and so much more.

Stop Looking for a Husband is a down-to-earth, practical, guide that just might help a lady find a "real" husband, if that female reader is set on following some great advice and manages to keep a sense of humor and level head about her all the time!

Interesting and revealing romp through the land of dating and finding "Mr. Right Guy!"

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