Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Map Across Time: A Fairy Tale by C. S. Lakin

The Map Across Time: A Fairy Tale. C. S. Lakin. (The Gates of Heaven Series). AMG Publishers. March 2011. 288 pages. ISBN #: 9780899578897.

Aletha and Adin are Princess and Prince in the Kingdom of Sherbourne, where they mourn the death of their mother whom they are not sure is really dead after all. In addition to that heartache, their father the King seems to be possessed, manifesting a growing paranoia and obsession with finding a Firebird with heavenly qualities. Aletha appears to be the strong one, watching over her brother who was born with a physical weakness and at times evidencing a resultant fearful and weak mind and emotions. But things are definitely not what they appear to be, for it is Adin who will assume the strongest mission in this first novel of The Gates of Heaven series planned by this promising author.

Ancient writings foretell the hand of God touching a land cursed to slowly disintegrate until it totally disappears. Adin first and later Aletha heed the words of some very wise, holy, and fierce guides after they time travel to the years before the curse spell was bound on the land.

Sage words convey a spiritual reality meant to guide rulers and citizens of the land of Sherbourne in a meaningful and blessed existence. That is worth all the difficulties these characters face in attaining their solitary yet divinely inspired quest to change the tides of time to something intended to be far, far better than what is now known.

Telling this much will not in any way spoil the reading, for there are constant surprises and revelations, as well as grand adventures, filling every page of this fairy tale that will move the heart as well as the head of every reader who loves a good adventure or time-travel story. Fairy tales about good and evil can deeply touch a reader's life, this one being a marvelous example.

Very nicely done, Ms. Lakin!

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