Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quantum Angel Healing by Eva-Maria Mora

Quantum Angel Healing: Energy Therapy and Communication with Angels. Eva-Maria Mora. Synergy Books. February 2011. 312 pp. pb. ISBN #: 9780984504015.

Our thoughts and emotions carry spiritual energy that has such tremendous healing power. This is, according to the author, an avenue of healing open to everyone and limited only by our own resistance. One can access this energy for one's own mind, emotions, and spirit as well as share it with others. Beginning with clarifying one's intentions and communicating with angels, Ms. Mora offers numerous suggestions for connecting with angels, such as the use of prayers - how to is important here - and crystals. Other chapters include cleansing the area around one's self by a technique called "smudging," a discussion about the types of spirits living near each person, and using techniques like salt baths to provide a clean, clear environment.

The following chapters then become very specific about angel breath rituals, the definition and use of the chakras in every human body, and the importance of the "third eye" in one's spiritual practice and health.

The remainder of the book tackles actual healing techniques for clearing away the ill effects of lack of forgiveness, living in an habitual victim mentality, fear, rejection, and so many other areas. There apparently are different angels to connect with who specialize, so to speak, in healing different problems. Finally, there is a list of ailments, the programs and emotions inherent in each illness, which program to use in the book for healing each individual health issue, as well as information to connect the reader who wants to know more about the practices of quantum angel healing or to connect with an actual quantum angel practitioner.

Ms. Mora has presented the reader with an alternative method of healing that will fascinate some who are open to such experiences. The caveat this reviewer would add to what has been presented is to open to whatever is possible herein and not to fall into a guilt trip for what may not happen.

Certainly, Quantum Angel Healing opens up a brand new world sure to intrigue many and offers alternatives for those who want something other than traditional medicine something to embrace with natural, divine healing methods.

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